Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg proofed that cancer cells do not occur in a healthy, oxygenated environment. Cancer cells will be killed, by introducing O3 (which is highly active form of oxygen) into the body and shifting from an anaerobic metabolism to aerobic or oxygen-based metabolism.


Beside being outside, inhaling fresh air and starting your day with a powerwalk or a little run outside, there exist nowadays effective ways to get oxygen into cancer cells by the so-called “Ozone therapies”


Recently ozone therapies have received serious attention due to their remarkable healing results. The key of this treatment is getting elevated concentrations of oxygen into the affected body or tumors

Beside the fact, that it is free from side effects (study done by the German Medical Society in 1980) a recent article demonstrated the remarkable effect of ozone therapies on the destruction of cancer cells. (Oxygenhealingtherapies.com)



  • Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment/ H202


Already at the beginning of the nineteenth century, hydrogen peroxide was widely used in medicine especially for many bacterial diseases when no other treatment seemed to be effective.


How does it work?


H202 has the ability to stimulate our body’s first immune system response: the natural killer cells (NK). As you know they are extremely important as it is the immune system’s first weapon for recognizing and destroying cancer cells.


Studies showed that the orally intake of H202 led to an impressive increase content of oxygen in the blood and the whole body.


Please note that the only grade recommended for internal use is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, which has to be diluted down to 3% with fresh and distilled water.



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  • Ozone Treatments


First of all, please note that ozone therapies should be supervised by holistic or conventional cancer experts.


How does it work?


In general, ozone is delivered by using an ozone generator turning pure and concentrated oxygen into ozone. Nowadays there exists several ways of different treatments helping to deliver oxygen into our body:


  • Ozone injections:


Ozone is injected close to the root or directly into the tumor site if it is accessible.


  • Intravenous Ozone:


Ozone is infused into the bloodstream leading to the point that every single cell of your body is exposed to oxygen. In contrary to healthy cells which have the ability to turn ozone into oxygen, cancer cells will be destroyed due to the strong oxidant on the cell membrane.


  • Bagged Ozone:


Effective for healing diabetics ulcers


  • Intramuscular Ozone:


Effective for allergies in general



The best methods when it comes to cure cancer are the treatments where ozone is given intravenously or by injections.


Please note that for the best effect, ozone treatments should be generally given twice a day or a week, depending on the state of your cancer



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The theory behind hyperthermia is that raising the temperature of the body increases the blood circulation and may damage and kill cancer cells with no injury to normal tissues.


More precisely, hyperthermia is a treatment exposing your body to very high temperature (up to 45 C/113F). The patient reaches target temperature with 60-90 minutes followed by a cooling phase.


In order to kill cancer cells. In fact, impressive studies have shown that exposing cancer cells to high temperatures may cause damages to the proteins and structures within the cells what consequently leads to a shrinking and in the best case to the destruction of a tumor. (The Lancet Oncology 2002: The cellular and molecular basis of hyperthermia, Critical reviews in Oncology and Hematology)


Online you will find numerous of success stories from patients having used hyperthermia in combination with conventional therapies or not.


To me, one of the most impressive studies is the international clinical study, published in the International Journal of Hyperthermia, which have been conducted in Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway involving 128 patients with recurrent or metastatic malignant melanoma. In fact, patients who have received hyperthermia in combination with radiotherapy had a 65% success rate compared to 35% for those who received radiation therapies alone. Furthermore, the same study proved that the relapse rate (5 years) was less higher for those having used hyperthermia with radiotherapy ( 46% to 28%)


Similar results have been achieved for patients with Glioblastoma Maltiforme (brain cancer). Patients having received hyperthermia in combination with brachytherapy (interstitial radiation therapy) had a 2-years higher survival rate than those receiving brachytherapy alone.



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This therapy is a newer technique based on the well-known ECT (electro-cancer treatment) or Galvanotherapy which employs galvanic electrical stimulation to treat tumors.


According to the New Hope Bio Resonance Clinc which has opened in Tijuana Mexico in 1998 Bio-Resonance therapy is “a new method of treating cancer that is 80% successful of stimulating the natural reduction and elimination of tumors. This process has an effect similar to stimulating spontaneous remission.”


This therapy has been discovered and developed by Martin Keymer, a researcher from Germany,


Shortly said: Every cell in the human body has a gene called the P53 gene. This gene is responsible for the degeneration and triggers, in case of cell damages, its self-destruction.

Or, in contrary to healthy cells, the gene P53 has been suppressed in cancer cells which means that they have lost the ability to die naturally. Consequently this leads to an abnormal growth of the cells and the growth of a tumor.


Now, Dr, Keymer claims that there exists a way of how to re-enliven or reactivating the suppressed P53 gene and bringing back the ability to the cell to naturally self-destruct itself. And this process can be achieved due to the BioResonance Therapy.


According to numerous of studies and testimonials, this therapy shows a high rate of success for all kind of cancers.


In addition, and according to the manufacturer of the BioResonance Therapy Regumed Gmbh, there are nowadays more than 4500 doctors from all specialties and non-medical practitioners around the world who are working with this therapy.



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The Proton beam therapy is one of the newest alternative therapies which has been discussed widely in the media in recent days.


In general, and by using beams of protons which are small sub-atomic particles, the Proton beam therapy promises to achieve the same cell-killing effect as conventional therapies. In fact, the therapy uses a so-called "particle accelerator" helping to increase the speed of the protons. This process allows the accelerated protons to be beamed into cancerous cells and killing them.


The big difference to conventional therapies especially to radiotherapy is that the beam of protons stops once it has hit the cancer cells. Consequently, the proton beam therapy results in much less damaging surrounding tissue as it only targets the cancerous cells.


The Proton beam therapy has recently shown great results to treat brain tumors especially in young children where the brain is still developing.



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Most cancer patients are found to be deficient in many minerals, vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, vitamin D and selenium.

In fact, those therapies target on the individual and personal needs of the patients by using biological substances (such as B17, Selenium, Zinc, B15, Graviola etc) to refill the lack of vitamins which helps to stimulate the body’s response to cancer cells or other diseases.


Several studies have shown that natural substances are very effective in rebuilding up the immune system and have also been reported successful in many cases reversing cancer such as B17, Selenium, Zinc, B15, Graviola etc).



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Psychology counseling, supportive groups or individual therapies are the key to a successful cancer treatment. It has often been reported that a traumatic psychological event in a person’s life may trigger the appearance of the cancer several months later.


Meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, visualizing therapies and even emotional or spiritual counseling have proven to significantly help in dealing with the trauma of cancer and to cure it successfully.



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