Why boost your

Metabolic System?

Referring to Dr. Gerson and several other studies, an altered metabolic system leads to the birth, growth and fast proliferation of cancer cells. Furthermore, it has also been proven that an altered metabolism is often linked to a drug resistance. This explains why cancer cells often show a resistance to chemotherapy/radiotherapy and continue to grow.


So one of my main goals was to create a normal working metabolism and bringing my body back to its equilibrium.

How to boost your

Metabolic System?

1) Stimulating the thyroid function by supplementing thyroid hormones

A metabolism is a chemical process converting our daily intake such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats into the energy that our cells need to function normally. This metabolic system is regulated by the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located in front of the trachea (below the Adam’s apple).

In fact, it is the thyroid that keeps your metabolism under control through the action of its two main hormones T3 (Tri-iodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine).


Depending on this two hormones, you have either a fast (normal) or a slow (abnormal) metabolism.


This is the reason why Dr. Gersonst main point was to transform a slow working thyroid into a normal-working/ burning thyroid by supplementing natural thyroid hormones as the so-called « Lugol Solution » .   (cf. Gerson Therapy)


I strongly recommend to let check your thyroid values (TSH, T3 and T4 hormones as well as free T3+T4) through blood or screening tests and to discuss results with a health practitioner or the doctor you fully trust in.

2) Keep being physically active and exercise regularly

1. Morning Run on an empty stomach


Studies showed that a short 30 minutes morning run on an empty stomach can limit the development and suppression of cancer.


A new study in the journal Cell describes how regularly running helps not only destroy cancer cells by speeding up the metabolism but also leads to the activation of the most important immune system cells, the so called « natural killer » cells. The natural killer cells are a type of lymphocytes or white blood cells which are known for their ability to recognize and kill cancer cells. As those cells only represent a minor fraction of the immune system, it is important to ensure that they are produced regularly.


In addition, Dr. Hojman from the Copenhagen University Hospital experienced that cancer patients keeping running (4 km in general) during their treatments found an average of 60% decrease in their tumor growth.


Very shortly said, starting your day with a morning run, not only boosts your metabolism and immune system, but also leads to a decrease of 60% of cancer growth.


Before my morning run, I always drink a cup of green tea with freshly squeezed lemon as well as 1000mg of L-Carnitine, an amino acid.



2. HIIT or SIT


An other possibility to support your body into the fight against cancer is to incorporate HITT, high-intensity interval training or sprint Interval training into your daily routine. HITT or SIT are physical trainings which consist of short period of intensive, very energetic exercise with short periods of rest in between.


Studies suggest HIIT exercise being one of the best physical activities to boost your metabolism. In fact, ,a recent study found that an intensive 2.5.-minute of exercise can lead to an increased afterburn all day.


Perfect HIIT training plans can simply be found online and on Youtube.


Of course, as HIIT is very intensive and energetic, they are not recommended to weakened patients. In this case, Yoga, Jogging or Power/Nordic Walking can be considerated as a great alternative.



3.Yoga and Pranayama


Regular practice of Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercise) can help to boost your metabolism and reduce stress.


Yoga poses as well as the right breathing methods to speed up your metabolism system can be easily found on google or Youtube.


 I personally love HOT YOGA also known as Bikram Yoga, a vigorous from of yoga performed in a studio that is heated to 105 F ( 40 C) with a humidity of 40 percent. The 90 minutes program consisting of 26 postures not only allows to lengthen, force and control nearly all muscles of your body but also helps, due to the heat,  to relief contractions and pain more easily.



An other way to boost your metabolic system is to keep being physically active and exercise regularly. By practicing a physical activity, our body’s metabolism speeds up, begins to work harder, transforms calories into energy what will help to burn and destroy cancerous cells.


A new study published in the journal of the American Medical Association discovered that people who are engaged in physical activity had a greatly reduced risk to develop any kind of cancer.


Dr. Hojman of the Copenhagen University Hospital, even went a step farer by proving that cancer survivors, who are exercising regularly, are less likely to have a recidivism of their cancer.


Please just KEEP IN MIND, that with every physical activity your are helping and supporting your body to heal itself by getting it back to its equilibrium.