by Alex Loyd

One of my favorite books is the Healing Code written by Alex Loyd. The book described a powerful self-healing system which helps to activate powerful healing centers allowing your body to heal itself of almost all imaginable diseases. Shortly said, it is a six minutes to heal the source of your health.


The healing Code is the discovery while searching for a solution and cure for his wife long- lasting depression. After only a few days of doing the " Healing Code" her depression seemed being cured and since then she lives a normal life.


How to do the Healing Code correctly?


Phase 1: The preparation


First of all, and before starting doing the healing code, choose a quiet and positive place where you feel comfortable and where you will not be disturbed for at least 7 minutes.


Then decide which issue or topic you would like to heal first. This has not to be reduced to one issue only. For example, I ask to heal my body from cancer and all its origins and causes.


Furthermore, give your issue a « SUDS », subjective unit of distress while rating on a scale from 1 to 10 how much this issue affects you and your daily life.


Once defined and rated, remember a memory/situation from your past where have felt exactly the same emotions and feelings (anxiety, pain, solitude...) no matter the circumstances.

Choose the strongest memory and save it. This memory has to be healed first.

To quote the Alex Lloyd: "What bothers us now tends to be troublesome precisely because it's attached to or triggered by an unhealed memory"


Then choose or create a "Truth Statement" which makes you feel strong, powerful,  peaceful and happy.

Some examples:


  • I deserve it to be healthy, happy and strong.
  • I move strongly forwards and reach my goals
  • I have a strong and healthy body with healthy cells which are fulfilled with warmth and light and di exactly what they have to do
  • I am strong and reach everything I want to reach


Once all the preparation done you can start with the « Healing Code »


Phase 2: The prayer and the hand positions


1) The prayer


The Healing Code starts with the following prayer:


« I pray/request that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs and destructive cellular memories, and all resulting physical issues related to [...... insert problem being worked on ..... ] be found, opened and healed by filling [..... me/name of other .....] with the love, life and light of God. I also ask that the effectiveness of this healing be increased by one hundred times or more »


Learn the prayer by heart and say it out loud (or to yourself) filling in the gap with your chosen issue(s) as well as your latest memories. You have to be convinced if what you are saying:)


2) The hand positions


Once you have finished your prayer and in order to activate your self- healing center, place all your fingers of both hands, no matter if curved or straight, 5-7 cm away from your face for every single position.

For an optimal activation of your self healing center via the " energy field", direct contact with the skin has to be avoided.

In fact, the placement of the fingertips allows the body to produce and let enter all the positive energy it needs to activate its self-healing energy. This explains why the four positions are so important.


There are 4 healing center positions:


  • The Bridge Position


Place your fingers as described above between your eyebrows, 5-7 cm away from your face


  • The Adam's apple Position:


The simplest and most comfortable way is to place your arms on your chest and place your fingertips at the height of your Adam's apple.


  • The Jaw Position


Place your fingertips under your ear at the height of your jawbone


  • The Temple Position


Place your fingers over your ears at the temple area


For optimal results it is recommended to practice the Healing Code for 7 minutes (each time) three times a day.


It is important that you are very convinced about what you are saying/ praying.


Be persistent, open, consistent and willing to heal yourself.


Since my diagnose, I am doing the healing code every single day and I am deeply convinced about the effect and the possibility to activate your self healing potential.


I can totally understand that this may sound awkward for you but I just can ask you to try it out and convince yourself.



by Neale Donald Walsch

This is one of my favorite books and I will you exactly explain why. In fact, getting a diagnose as cancer often leads you to the point that you feel alone with all your fears and doubts especially when it comes to take life changing and important decisions ... Should I continue chemotherapy even if my body feels low and full of pain? Should I listen to the doctors even if I know myself better than they are? Should I trust myself and follow my heart or follow other people's opinion?


At the time when I was at a life-changing point in my life as I didn't know whether to stop or continue chemotherapy, I met a wonderful woman named Monika during a Panchakarma retreat in Germany.



Without knowing each other, she asked if we could have lunch together. I was surprised and overwhelmed at the same time... And during this lunch she introduced me to the book: « Conversations with God » "Read a few page" she said and "decide by yourself if this could be something for you" Then she stood up and left the room... I will never forget this moment.

I immediately started reading and fell in love with the book...and with my amazing friend Monika too.


To summarize, the book describes the way of how God communicates with us to help us taking the right decisions in life. In fact, God does not only talk to us but communicates with us. Communication is not limited to words what explains why God’s most common form of communication is feelings. Feeling is the language of the soul. If you want to know what’s true and good for you, observe how you feel about it.


But feelings are not his only way to talk to us, but he  also communicates through thoughts (images and pictures) and experience.


Only when feelings, thoughts and experience fail,then God then uses word.

An experience is God’s most powerful message – but this, mostly, is ignored by people.


Or, the book not only describes the way God communicates with us but also how we should communicate with him. Referring to Neale Donald Walsch, many of us do not pray correctly. In fact, an effective prayer is never a supplication, but a prayer of GRATITUDE. Thank God in advance for what you want, and this in effect will acknowledge that it is already there .


The book also teaches you about the purpose of life. In fact, the purpose of life is to Be; to be the Glory. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation.


This is just a little summary about a few points Neale Donald Walsch discussed with God. If you want to know more about life, why we have to suffer and what you can do to change your life than read this book. I can strongly recommend it.



by Louise Hay

Another amazing book that helped me to change my life is "Life loves you" by Louise Hay. I got this book a few days after my diagnose from my close friend Maher. Together with Robert Holden, they try to find out what life loves you really mean. One of their conclusions is that life not only happens to you but FOR you.

Along the whole book, they dig into different subjects such as the magical power of love, the deepness of reality, the secret of the universe and the sensitivity of our hearts and soul.


Shortly said, the book teaches you a life changing strategy based on seven spiritual practices.

It is an easily written life changing guide which helps you to understand and how you can change your life.


Definitely worth to read it.



by Marlo Morgan

This book, subtitled "A Woman's Journey into Dreamtime Australia," tells the story of Marlo Morgan, a middle-aged, American woman and health care practitioner, who is taken on a physical and spiritual journey through the wilds of Australia. The book's narrative plays out a narrative and thematic pattern similar to those of many other quest narratives, exploring issues relating to humanity's relationship to nature, faith, and to itself.


A life changing book, helping you to change yourself and see the world with different eyes. An absolutely must:)


by Colin Tipping

This book has been recommended to me by one of my best friends Daphne. When someone knows about good books especially when it comes to love, self-healing or the universal energy then my wonderful friend Daphne. Among all her recommendations, the book “Expanding into Love” is one of my all time favorites (one of my current topics in my life).


In a few words: It is a Handbook for awakening to who You Are, raising Your Vibration and how to create enlightened relationships


Just read it


by Mitch Albom

Newspaper sports columnist Mitch Albom recounts the time spent with his 78-year-old sociology professor, Morrie Schwartz, who was dying from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


Having not corresponded with his professor Albom since attending his college classes 16 years earlier, Morrie Schwartz starts to visit his old professor regularly, every Tuesday weekly.


The resulting book is based on these fourteen Tuesdays they meet, supplemented with Schwartz's lectures and life experiences and interspersed with flashbacks and allusions to contemporary events.


An impressive life-teaching book which everyone should read.