As you know, cancer cells are mutated cells, Every human being develops about one million of mutated cells in his body everyday. Everyday of your life, your body gets rid of those cancer cells. Every second your body produce 50 millions new cells. Every second your body rips apart the genetic code in 50 millions cells. Cancer cells are errored cells, they do not complete their specific function, to not die off and continue to grow. Your body in order to eliminate the errored cells developed a weapon which main task is to recognize them and to kill them off… And this weapon is your IMMUNE SYSTEM.


In other words, a decreased immunity and on the other side an overactive immune response lead to weaken our immune system which will make you become more susceptible to the development of chronic inflammatory conditions which will lead to chronical illnesses, diseases and of course cancer.


That’s why our Immune System can be boosted by:


  1. EXERCISING especially outside refilling your body with Oxygen
  2. THE RIGHT NUTRITION (please refer to My “EATCANCERFREE” Plan)
  3. THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS (please refer to the section SUPPLEMENTS)