how to heal your soul

In addition to the points described above and the definition of the traditional medicine describing cancer as a “grow out of control” provocated by a DNA mutation of cells caused by environmental factors such as chemicals, toxins, tobacco smokes etc.(American Cancer society), I believe that there is more to cancer than only genetic, bad habits and environmental causes. Shortly said, cancer is not just a physical disease but a disease of the mind and the souls as much as it is of the body.


Studies have recorded that about 6 to 18 months before the diagnose of cancer, the patients consciously or sometimes subconsciously have experiences a severe shock of major importance in their life. It is this stress and often holding in the emotions that can create a severe immune deficiency.


You may not believe in the link and the emotional effects of stress or traumas with cancer. And that is totally fine. But just take some seconds to think about: When you are experiencing a difficult time, for example love sickness or illnesses/death or any kind of emotional stress, where does it hurt? In this time have you never felt a knot in your throat, your stomach or gut or experienced pain in your chest, neck or head. And this is what I am trying to explain. This is the socalled emotional pain of your body. This is the famous link between your mind and your body and the impressive impact of your emotions and feelings on your health.


Even recent studies seem to indicate a link between stress and the development of cancer. For example, a Swedish study following more than 1000 women for over 24 years could clearly show that those who experienced significant stress were twice as likely to develop breast cancer as the other women.


In the same sense, a study led by Dr, Barbara Anderson of the University of Ohio found that breast cancer patients with a higher stress level have a deficiency in natural killer cells, the main response of our immune system as they are their main role is to detect and to kill cancer cells.


Studies done by Professor Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu of the Tel Aviv university Department of Psychology even has shown that it is often not the surgery itself or the disease’s effect on tissue that compromise the immune system but it is the stress. In other words, it is often a weakened immune system that causes tumors to metastasizes after surgeries or therapies. That is why he suggests to block stress hormones prior, during and after surgery to improve patients prognosis and increase the chance of survival.


I truly believe that cancer is not a death sentence but can be seen as an invitation from your body to heal yourself by working on yourself and the roots and origins that may have caused your cancer….. and bring the forgotten or the broken part back to its wholeness.


In order to find emotional healing especially by discovering the root of your disease and activating your subconscious mind and self-healing power through meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, visualizing therapies, emotional or spiritual counseling as well as energetic work have proven to significantly help in dealing with the trauma of cancer and bringing your body and mind in a position in which deeper healing of your body is possible.


Beside meditation or the “Healing Code” (cf. favorite books) here are one of my favorite therapies:



Reiki is a Japanese practice meaning “universal life energy" and encouraging  the flow and free circulation of the body' spiritual energy through touch or close proximity.


In general, Reiki helps to reduce stress, fears and is one of the best proven relaxation technique.

Recently Reiki has also become an interesting topic for cancer patients as several studies and anecdotal evidence has shown that, in addition to promoting relaxation, Reiki can also be used to encourage healing and may enhance the effect of conventional treatments as well as decreasing the side effects of treatments such as pain and fears. I personally are highly convinced by the effect of Reiki as it helped me to stay positive and to overcome my claustrophobia especially with wearing the mask during radiotherapy, my fears and pain. You definitely should try it out.



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Reconnect body work:

Embrace your potential

Reconnect bodywork and seminars led by Sandy Schleider, help patients to open their heart, connect with their intuition, listen to their body and give their heart a voice. They learn how to transform negative beliefs to positive, how to receive what is needed most in that specific time of your life, learn to discover their inner potential and activate their self-healing process.


I have to say that this "therapy" helped me in so many ways especially when it came to find self-love again, to learn how to deal with my fears, to accept the now and to let go my past. Definitely a beautiful way to heal your soul with a great healing-potential

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy that works with the whole person, not just the head and lower back.


In fact, the Craniosacral therapy may help to activate your self-healing energy by starting to listen to itself.


As this treatment is non-invasive and subtle, it is ideal for cancer patients going through deep periods of fears, traumatic experiences, indescribable periods of pain, depression and lack of energy. As the therapy supports the body to recuperate and build up lost energy, many testimonials reported that the Craniosacral Therapy helped them let go of tension, fears and  in general they gave learnt to cope better with the difficulties they face.



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