the idea behind my plan

Since the moment of my diagnose, I started to inform myself about the best existing methods, diets and treatments which could help me to fight actively, destroy and get rid of my cancer the soonest possible. But very fast I felt confused, scared and overwhelmed by the amount of information I have found which, in my eyes, seemed being right but extremely controversial at the same time.


For example:


Referring to Dr. Max Gerson, cancer cells can’t grow in a normal/ alkaline environment. Consequently, an acidic body (caused by meat, alcohol, diary products) leads to the proliferation of cancer cells. This explains why Dr. Gerson prohibits proteins and fats and foresees the consumption of high amount of fruits and vegetables especially in forms of coldpressed juices. (2.5-3L a day).


Or, the Ketogenic diet foresees the opposite: avoiding any kind of sugar (even fructose and carbohydrates) and get the daily calories intake from high in fat and high in proteins animal products. Their goal is to put the body in a ketogenic state where cells get their energy from fats what explains why fruits and vegetables should be eaten with moderation or even be avoided.


Dr. Joana Budwig, on her turn, is convinced that a vegetarian diet with her own created mixture of organic coldpressed flaxseed oil in combination with cottage cheese or Quark is the key to get rid of cancer.


Dr. Breuss even goes a step farer and claims that the only way to get rid of cancer is by letting cancer cells starve by allowing only to drink 500ml of a specific mixture of juice per day. No protein, no fat, no sugar, no nothing.


And those are now only a few examples.


The reading and studying of all those different diets and information led me to the point to create my own little cancer guide. I have named it Sophie’s Cancer Guide.


Beside the fact of the right nutrition, I am deeply convinced that other points such as a great working thyroid function, metabolism, immune system as well as the right amount of sleep and a happy soul are the key points to cure cancer successfully.


This explains why my little cancer plan foresees the following 5 steps:


  1. Detoxification of the Body
  2. Boosting the Metabolic System
  3. Starvation of the Cancerous Cells through my « EATCANCEFREE » Nutrition Plan
  4. Great-working Immune System
  5. Healing of the Soul