Killers of Cancer cells

& Booster of the Immune system

First of all and as you know, the best way to get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body need is through a balanced and varied diet, with plenty of organic fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds.


But as many of you, I personally doubt whether we can get all the nutrients we need from food alone. Furthermpre,  studies found the Western Diet often lacks what we need to stay in top health. Dr,Jacob Teitelbaum of the Fibromyalgia and fatigue Center in Kona, Hawaii,  named it by words: « It is the first time in history that we have a calorie malnutrition »


In addition, people under treatment are often dealing with difficulties to eat and drink which will lead to a malabsorption and maldigestion of the necessary vitamins. Consequently patient will suffer from an additional lack of vitamins causing weakness, tiredness and other illnesses. This presents an  additional barrier for bringing back your body in an equilibrium and to make it  work properly and to be able to fight correctly.


For example:


  • a lack of Vitamin C may develop a condition called scurvy causing extreme weakness, extreme fatigue, muscle aches, bleedings of your gums and under your skin, infections etc.
  • an iron deficiency will lead to general fatigue, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet, fast or irregular heartbeats.


Furthermore, several studies found that supplements show benefit in cancer treatment and are recommended as possibly beneficial in conjunction with traditional treatment. Especially, high dose Vitamin C, Turmeric in combination with Piperine, Graviola, Sulforaphan, Artemisua Annua as well as many others ( listed below) have been proven to help, inhibiting the growth, the proliferation and the destruction of cancer cells.


To be clear: I believe that natural therapies either used by themselves or in conjunction with conventional medical treatments may support the body in the healing process. The supplements listed below are the key herbal and medical food supplements I have taken during my cancer treatment in combination with a no sugar, low carb, healthy fats, vegan diet.


I strongly recommend to talk to a doctor you totally trust and figure out a plan which could perfectly work for you.

1) High dose Vitamin C Infusions

You may have recognized, that supplementing Vitamin C cancer treatment is a controversial topic. In my point of view Vitamin C presents potential options in the efficacy of cancer treatments


Even if you still have deniers, more and more studies showed the importance of Vitamin In the destruction of cancer cells


In 1950, Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, along with Dr. Ewen Cameron of Scotland, did a scientific study proving that high dose of Vitamin C, given intravenously, could extend the life of advanced cancer patients. Even more, they found that high-dose vitamin C infusions have an anti-tumor effect.


A recent study published in the journal Redox Biology described the biological details of how high-dose Vitamin C, known as “Ascorbate” kills cancer cells. In fact, the study showed that Vitamin C, in combination with metals such as iron, is able to create hydrogen peroxide. In high concentrations, hydrogen peroxide can damage the DNA and mitochondria of cancer cells and shut down their energy supply. This new study shows that tumor cells are much less capable of removing hydrogen peroxide than normal cells which make them more susceptible to damage and death when attacked by high doses of Vitamin C.


In other words: High dosage Vitamin C given intravenously have a toxic effect to cancer cells and are damaging to tumor tissue.


On the other side, several studies found that the oral intake of Vitamin C supplementation couldn't reach blood levels of Vitamin C high enough to have a direct killing effect on active cancer cells.


Beside an anti-cancer diet which should be dominated by food high in Vitamin C, Cancer patients should have 30'000- 50'000 mg of Vitamin C given intravenously at least twice a month. Even if I am cancer free now, I try to have a 20'000 mg infusion every month.


For all the people undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, Vitamin C IVs  can be given in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.


In summary and in my point of view, Vitamin C presents a high potential in the efficiency of cancer treatments. Not only Vitamin c is able to slow the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, but is also causing cancer cells to commit suicide. The only problem is the amount needed to kill cancer cells successfully. Cancer cells can only be destroyed when given intravenously and in high doses as the human body is only capable of a certain amount of nutrients at one time into his bloodstream.


This will not mean that Vitamin C taken orally has no benefits. In contrary, it is a perfect immune system booster, helps to minimize treatments side effects and is a perfect aid to repair tissue.


For all the people undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, Vitamin C IVs  can be given in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.


Conclusion: During my treatments and even now, and beside my anti-cancer diet high in Vitamin C, I have 30'000- 50'000 mg of Vitamin C given intravenously two-three times a month. Or studies showed that the given dose can be adjusted upward to 100`000mg a day when the patient, is trained and feels safe. As the infusions should be monitored, I recommend to search a well formed holistic or conventional doctor.



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2) Turmeric in combination with Piperine

Since years the relation between Turmeric and cancer is one of the most thoroughly researched topics.


Known as the“golden Goddess”or “the Indian Safran”, turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since more than 4000 years.


In fact over 2000 published studies have shown that the primary polyphenol in turmeric, known as curcumin is not only able to avoid the development of cancer cells but also stops cancer cells to spread and may induce them to commit suicide (apoptosis)


In 2007, a laboratory study successfully showed that a combined treatment of turmeric in combination with chemotherapy eliminated more bowel cancer cells than using alone. ¨


In an article published in Cancers letter in 2015  curcumin was described  as “a possible adjunct to enhance conventional treatment in colorectal cancer with chemotherapy.”


A new groundbreaking article about the healing power of turmeric was published in Cancer Letters recently. In fact, US researchers evaluated the primary polyphenol in turmeric, known as curcumin to be able to target cancer stem cells which are believed to be the  root cause for the formation, the growth, the proliferation and the malignancy of cancer. The conclusion of the study literally said: “Curcumin as well as its modified forms has shown great potential to inhibit the cancer stem cells in several types of cancer  in cell cultures as well as mouse models including glioma, breast, colorectal, pancreatic, brain and esophageal cancers…. It is promising to evaluate curcumin and its modified forms in other types of CSCs”


Another article published in Cancers letter in September 2015 described curcumin as a possible adjunct to enhance conventional treatment in colorectal cancer with chemotherapy.


Another study carried out by Dr. Zheng et also showed that curcumin is also very effective in the treatment against skin cancer as it induces apoptosis of malign melanoma as well, the most dangerous type of skin cancer as well as carcinoma.


Why Turmeric should always been consumed with Piperine.


Piperine is the key chemical in black pepper. In fact, most of the curcumin has to get metabolized before it can be absorbed. In fact a study showed that by adding piperine to curcumin, the bioavailability will increase by nearly 2000%. In other words, turmeric in combination with piperine is way more effective than used alone.


Beside its anticancer effect, Turmeric in combination with black pepper have a range of other benefits.


In fact, it:


  • Is highly alkalizing to the body ( and as you know: in an alkalized body nothing can grow, Dr Otto Warburg)
  • unlike chemotherapy drugs, curcumin will leave healthy cells unharmed
  • Relieves pain
  • Has an anti-inflammatory-effect
  • Is a strong anti-oxidant
  • Improves memory
  • Lowers heart disease
  • Prevents and treats Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps to cure arthritis
  • Is promising in treating depression


Conclusion: When taken in combination with Piperine and in a high dosage of 1800mg a day, turmeric has anticancer effect. Beside adding turmeric to mostly all my meals, I personally take 2000-3000mg of Turmeric/ Piperine in form of supplements every day.



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3) Enzymes Therapy

Enzymes are natural proteins which help to stimulate and accelerate biological reactions in the human body. All of our cells, bones, organs, muscles, tissues such as our digestive system, kidneys, immune system, bloodstream, pancreas etc. depend , are governed and are runned by enzymes. Every enzyme has an individual function. Digestive enzymes for example help to break down the food, facilate its digestion which leads to a faster absorption and transfer of the nutrients into the bloodstream. Metabolic enzymes help to accelerate the production of new healthy cells as well as to repair and flush out old damaged cells of the system.


In detail:


  • The enzyme Amylase helps for the digestion of starches and carbohydrates
  • The enzyme Lipase helps for the dgestion of fat
  • The enzyme Cellulase helps in the division process of  fiber cellulose into small units
  • The enzyme Lactase helps for the digestion of dairy products


Beside these functions and for over years now, enzymes treatments, especially the treatments including « trypsin », a pancreatic enzyme (1), bromelain and papain (2) showed a great success in anticancer treatments.


(1) Pancreatic Proteolytic Enzymes / Trypsin


In 1906 Dr. John Beard first proposed that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes represent the body’s main defense against cancer. In fact and referring to several tests done in 1911, he demonstrated that a high dose-based pancreatic enzyme therapy affects the body internal environment which activates its self-healing process.


Dr. Max Gerson followed the same point of view. He discovered that pancreatic enzymes, trypsin in particular, dissolve the protective protein coating which covers malignant tissue and makes it impossible for the bodys natural immune defenses to recognize the cancer cells as foreign. By supporting the body with enzymes help to inhibit the growth, the proliferation as well as the destruction of cancer cells.


Years later, Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist, cured himself from cancer using the enzymes therapy As he was so overwhelmend by the results he got, he decided to start treating and curing cancer patients with pancreatic enzymes treatments.


Referring to the study “Pancreatic Enzyme Extract Improves Survival in Murine Pancreatic Cancer”, Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, under the direction of Dr. Robert Good ( at this time President of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, analyzed the survival rate of the enzyme therapy applied by Dr. Kelley. In fact, by reviewing over 10’000 patient records, he came to the conclusion that the survival rate for pancreatic cancer was at 100% and 97% for all other cancers.


It has been literally written : « These studies demonstrated that systemic enzyme therapy significantly decreased tumor-induced and therapy-induced side effects and complaints such as nausea, gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, weight loss, and restlessness and obviously stabilized the quality of life »


(2) Bromelain and Papain


Bromelain (the enzyme from the pineapple)  as well as Papain ( the enzyme from the papaya) are  believed a great heath support in terms of illnesses as it helps not only to reduce inflammation but it also helps to break down fibrin, a blood-clotting protein that can impede good circulation and prevent blood clots. By avoiding clots and maintaining a healthy circulatory system, you are preventing metastases.

This has been proven by a Canadian by analyzing the rate of cancer in relation with heart patients taking blood thinning medication. It resulted that those patients had a 87% reduction in cancer deaths and a 100% reduction in deaths from metastatic cancer

The Japanese fermented food « natto » , containing the enzyme nattokinase, is also a  great source for the prevention of clots.


Furthermore, Bromelain helps to remove excess tumor mass after the tumor has broken down. This is very important when the tumor or metastases are near to nerves  which could become pinched when the extra mass of the broken down tumor starts to crowd the area ( brain, neck, spin)


In 2016, the journal Anticancer drugs evaluated the affect of Bromelain in MPM ( malignant peritoneal mesothelioma, a rare cancer which is caused by asbestis exposure. They came to the following conclusion : « the addition of bromelain increased the die off of cancer cells significantly »


Other studies found that enzymes in combination with conventional cancer treatmenents as chemotherapy, help to accelerate the destruction of cancer cells as they melt the structure around the tumor which leads to a better penetration of the drug into cancer cells.




«The more enzymes are present in the body, the greater the chance the immune system will be able to identify individual cancer cells »(Dr. Roni DeLuz)


I personally take Wobe-mugos, a product important from Germany and containing proteolytic enzymes from hydrolyzed beef pancreas, thymus and other glands. It is claimed to be very beneficial in so-called terminal conditions. As Wobe-mugos do not contain Bromelain and Papain I take a seperate formula of Bromelain and Papain containing 500mg twice a day.



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4) Beta-Glucan

Beta-Glucan, a polysaccharide compound, is a kind of glucose molecules that can not be naturally occurred within our body. That’s why it need to be consumed from external sources. Mushrooms like Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail are one of the best sources of Beta-Glucan.


“ Reishi Mushroom”


As you may know, mushrooms are mother nature’s recycling system. In fact, by turning rocks and organic matter into soil, mushrooms are essential for the growth of plants. So, if there weren’t mushrooms, there weren’t plants consequently any life.


The world-renown mycologist Paul Stamlet explains why mushrooms and especially Beta-Glucan are “the most powerful medicine in Nature”. He explained that by increasing the number and activity of killer T and natural killer (NK) lymphocytes, mushrooms do not only have a powerful immune-boosting effect but also have a great anti-tumor activity as it slows down the growth of cancer cells.



“Shiitake Mushroom”


Especially NK cells are crucial when it comes to detect, inhibit and destoy new and old cancer cells. (NYU’s Langone medical Center).


The same, Dr. Douglas Shar, director of the Institute of herbal Medicine in Washington, DC, has shown that The world-renown mycologist Paul Stamlet explains why mushrooms and especially Beta-Glucan are “the most powerful medicine in Nature”. He explained that by increasing the number and activity of killer T and natural killer (NK) lymphocytes, mushrooms do not only have a powerful immune-boosting effect but also have a great  anti-tumor activity as it slows down the growth of cancer cells. . Especially NK cells are crucial when it comes to detect, inhibit and destoy new and old cancer cells. (NYU’s Langone medical Center). The same, Dr. Douglas Shar, director of the Institute of herbal Medicine in Washington, DC, has shown that mushrooms increase the production and activity of white blood cells, making them more aggressive.


In addition it is not only the compound Beta-Glucan  which has a high anti-tumor effect. Also the  health-stimulating agent Lentinan which was found in Shitaake mushrooms do not only help to boost your immune system, but also help to protect your liver and stomach from the growth of new tumors. This has, amongst other studies, been proven by the remarkable Japanese animal study having cured all 10/10 mouses ( sarcoma)  by the simple use of shiitake extract.

Ganoderic acid, a powerful compound found in the Reishi mushroom has been successfully used to treat lung cancer, leukemia and other cancers. As well as Cordyceps, which beside its hypoglycemic and possible antidepressant effects has antitumor properties as well.


Mushrooms also have high anti-inflammatory effect and are a strong defense against bacterial invasions. For example the strongest antibiotics such as Penicillin all come from fungal extracts. Even the most recent studies showed that mushroom extracts help identify and uncloaking cancer cells. This discovery would help to make chemotherapy more effective.


Furthermore beside their great source of Beta-Glucan,  mushrooms are in general high by  in  B vitamins such as B2,B5 and B6 and containing selenium, copper, manganese and zinc, Shiitake mushrooms can be considerated as one of the best food to defense against oxidative stress, inflammation and a dysregulated thyroid function.


For optimal health and function of the immune system, it is recommended that, beside the consumption of mushrooms, Beta-Glucan should be supplemented into your diet. For the best results, it is recommended to take 500 mg-one to two times daily and always outside of meal times.



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5) Sulforaphan

Two decades ago, scientists discovered potential anticancer and destruction effects in greens and especially in the socalled “cruciferous vegetables” One of their main critical compounds is the enzyme called SULFORAPHAN.


Sulforaphan is a naturally occurring organosulphur compound resulting of a enzymatic process when the cells of cruciferous green vegetables such as broccoli cells are destroyed  One of the biggest advantage of Sulforaphan is that it is way faster absorbed than broccoli itselfs.


It has the ability to induce enzymes which on their turn are deactivating carcinogens and free radicals which are enhancing the bodys own defense system against cancer causing chemicals.


Several studies showed that Sulforaphan can help in differents ways.


Firstly Sulforaphan helps to target the cancer stem cell which is responsible for initiating, maintaining cancer and leading to drug resistance


Secondly, Sulforaphan helps to switch “lazy, sick”genes into active genes and activate different genes which lead to a effective cellular defense. In other words, Sulforaphan helps to switch a gene into NrF2 which is the cell’s own defense system. This defense system helps not only  to break down toxins into harmless substances but also neutralizes and flushs those toxins out of the cells ( by the production of Glutathione). Another important point is the switch of genes into NF-kb which helps to reduce the tendancy of activate the healing process in case of inflammation.


Thirdly, Sulforaphan not only prevent cells from turning cancerous but also enhance the capacity of healthy body cells to destroy cancer cells and provocate apopotosis, the programmed cancer cell’s death.


Emily Hoo who leaded a study made by the Oregon State University and supported by the National Institues of Health showed the evidence that Sulforaphan “can help to express tumor suppressors, leading to the selective death of cancer cells and slowing disease progression”


Other studies confirmed the healing power of Sulforaphan, especially it in cases of prostate, breast, ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancer it has shown a high toxity to cancer cells.


Conclusion: I personally take



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6) Graviola

The anticancer properties of Graviola, the fruit of an evergreen tree found from Central to South America inclusing Brazil and also known as a soursop., have been a topic a numerous of researchs over the last four decades.

In fact several studies showed that the compounds found in Graviola are able to effectively stop the growth of tumors and destroy malignant cells, especially those related to breast, long, colon and pancreatic cancer.


A study published in the Journal of Natural Products (1996) showed that one specific compound of the  Graviola fruit was "selectively cytotoxic to colon cancer cells (known as HT-29) and “10,000 times stronger” in inhibiting cancer growth than the chemotherapy drug adriamycin »


In 1997, the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry published a study demonstrating that Graviola has a higher rate of curing and destroying breast cancer cells  than chemotherapy. A study conducted by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center extended the success of the Graviola extract to liver cancer by its ability to exhibit anti-hepatoma activity.


Furthermore an astonishing study led by the University of Nebraska found that Graviola was even able to inhibit the growth and spreading of pancreatic cancer cells. By containing « acetogenins », Graviola helps to decrease the ATP production which leads to death of cancer cells.

The same results have been found for lung cancer. A Japanese study showed that annonacin (acetogenin) could inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the lungs as much as Adriamycin, a conventional chemotherapy drug.


Another study published in the Journal Nutrition and Cancer ( June 2011)  revealed that Graviola and especially Graviola juice inhibits the growth and proliferation of breast cancer cells without causing damages on healthy cells. In detail, researchers found that Graviola can suppress the epidermal growth factor receptor known as oncogene. In fact, they came to the conclusion that « a 5-wk dietary treatment of GFE (200 mg/kg diet) significantly reduced the protein expression of EGFR in breast tumors by 56%. »



Finally and beside its great anticancer remedy, Graviola offers many others health benefits such as:


  • Treating herpex somplex virus which is an infection mainly affecting mouth and genital area
  • Helps to heal bacterial and fungal infections
  • Helps to destroy internal parasites such as worms
  • Beneficial for controlling blood sugar
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Has anti-depressive effects and helps to distress


Conclusion: I recommend start by 500mg a day and increase slowly to 1000mg a day so that your body may adjust itselfs. I personally take 1000mg of Graviola a day, 500mg in the morning as well as in the evening,


Attention: Referring to a few articles, an excessive consumption of Graviola over a very long time may be associated with neurological diseases similar to Parkinson.



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7) Artemisia Annua

In 2015, Mrs. Tu Youyou received the Nobel Prize for discovering that Artemisinin, the natural extract of Artemisia Annua (sweet wormwood)  and especially its compound chloroquine can be used as medication to treat malaria.


Or during the past years, more and more studies showed that Artemisinin also has strong anticancer properties as it inhibits the growth and the destruction of cancer cells.

The particularity of Artimisua is that it only affects cells containing a high amount of iron, which is the case for all cancer cells as they need it for cell division, And as you know, cancer cells have an uncontrolled process of division which leads to the growth of a tumor. Furthermore and when Artemisia comes in contact with iron, it  has the great particularity to release intracellular radicals which leads to the destruction of cancer cells. This explains why Artemisia only affects cancer cells without harming healthy cells.


In summary: As Artemisinin acts through a process by targeting only cells showing a high amount of iron, it seems to be one of the only plants that is relevant  to nearly all cancer types.


Conclusion: The suggested daily dose is to 4.5 to 9 grams of dried herbs to be prepared as a tea infusion with boiling water.



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8) Sodium Bicarbonate

As you know, an acidic environment (PH below 7.34) is, in general, the original cause of many diseases. But did you also know that an acidic PH inhibits the tumor growth in primary as well as metastatic cancer?


In fact, several studies have shown that cancer cells have a lower PH ,meaning they are more acidic, than surrounding  healthy tissues .This acidity of cancer cells can be explained by being a consequence of an increased metabolism of sugar, glucose.


By a study published in the Journal Cancer research in March 2009, researchers investigated the relation of an increased concentration of PH with an inhibition of the growth and even the disappearance of tumors. They came to the significantly conclusion that a reduction of the acid concentration in cancer cells inhibits the malignant growth of tumors without altering the PH level of the blood or surrounding healthy tissues. Furthermore they proved that such a reduction could be achieved by a daily intake of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)In other words, by increasing the Ph concentration in cancer cells by an intake of baking soda, the growth as well as the proliferation of those cells will be inhibited, stopped.


In addition, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an italian oncologist, uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as an effective alkaline therapy against cancer. In contrary to the above mentioned study, he thinks that cancer is exclusively caused by a fungus . He explains his treatment as follows: To alkalise the body and tumor by the use of a cheap, common compound, sodium bicarbonate,  he tries to TACKLE the candida, SHRINK the tumor and STOP the cancer to spread. By destroying the fungus, he is killing cancer cells.


Referring to an interview he gave a few years ago, he literally pretended that "I have treated hundreds of patients. Most of them had extremely advanced cancer, especially after having been subjected to conventional therapies. Many of them made a complete recovery and are still alive and well years after the treatment.


In the cases of cancers caught early (lumps smaller than 3cm, with minimal incidence of metastasis) 90% of patients have made a recovery"


Researches even found that sodium bicarbonate-induced extracellular alkalinization which leads to significant improvements and effectiveness of certain conventional treatments as chemotherapy.



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9) CBD Oil

In general “Cannabinoids” can be defined as complex chemicals locking on to cannabinoid receptors which are simple protein molecules sticking on a cell’s surface. The main active ingredient of the cannabis plaint is delta tetrahydrocannabinol, the famous THC.


Since years, studies showed that cannabinoid receptors are involved in the main functions of the human body. More precisely, cannabinoids presents two main receptors, CB1 and CB2. In contrary to the receptor CB1 which is mostly found on cells of the nervous system including the control of the brain (memory and pain), CB2 mostly sticks on the cells of the immune system. The fact that CB1 is located in the brain, explains, why getting  « high »  while using cannabis. Energy metabolism, heart function and reproduction are other functions which can be regulated by the cannabinoids. This explains why cannabis oil may be so effective for a huge range of illnesses and especially for curing cancer.


One of the main pioneers of cannabis oil, is the American Rick Simpson. He considers cannabis “to be the most medicinally active plant that humans can use on this planet" More precisely and referring to his book, he claims that “high quality cannabis oil cures ALL kind of cancers as well as many other diseases”. To his story, Rick Simpson cured himself from skin cancer back to 2003 and has since then devoted his life to spreading the truth about the healing power of cannabis oil.


More than 10 years later and having helped over 5000 patients, he pretends that “ cannabis oil is an

extremely safe medication compared to the hundreds of drugs that are approved with little to no study, and provided to patients that experience horrible side effects including death. Nobody has ever died from cannabis in any form"


Another cannabis advocate is Dr. Abrams, one of the leading oncologists and cancer researchers in the world. Referring to one of his interviews, says: « after 33 years of being an oncologist in San Francisco, I would guess that a large proportion of the patients I have treated have used cannabis. If cannabis definitively cured cancer, I would have expected that I would have a lot more survivors. That being said, what we do know is that cannabis is truly an amazing medicine for many cancer and treatment-related side effects — nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia.”


Virtually all the scientific research investigating whether cannabinoids are effective to treat cancer have been tested on cancer cells which have been cultivated in the laboratory or on animal models such as mice. Little Please note that in general human beings cells are more sensitive and complex than cultivated or animal cells.


But, recently and through many experiments and researchs led by well-knbown scientists, the journal Nature Reviews Cancer has published the wide range of positive results they have found by the use of cannabis oil.



In fact, they showed that cannabis oil:


  • Can stop cells from dividing
  • Can trigger « apoptosis », the programmed cell death
  • Can inhibit the proliferation and spreading of cancer cells to different organs and neighbouring tissues.
  • Can trigger « autophagy », the natural, regulated, destructive mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnessary and dysfunctional components, in other words, the cell’s internal waste.
  • Can interfere with the ability of the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells,



Please note that referring to those researchs, the best results have been achieved when using cannabidiol (CBD) in combination with highly purified THC. Researchers have also found positive results using cannabidiol CBD without THC.


Unfortunately, there have also been found some negative aspects. For example, high doses of THC can lead to the destruction of blood vessel cells which can lead to a new growth and proliferation of cancer cells. Other studies showed that synthetic cannabinoids may enhance immune defences against cancer.


Other researchers from the University of East Anglia have confirmed that high doses of THC are working through two different receptor molecules coming together (CB2 and GPR55) which, in high doses slow down cancer cells growth But the biggest issue is still that there is not enough evidence of which compounds and doses are needed to destroy cancer cells. Do we need CBD in combination with THC or is the single use of CBD enough? Furthermore it is still unclear which kind of cannabinoid is the most effective, either natural or the synthetic one, and which cancer and receptors might respond best to them. Reason why researchs are still ongoing around the world. But what is very promising is that several laboratory experiments have shown very positive results in treating brain tumors with THC as well as prostate tumors and breast cancer cells.


Please find below two homepages listing scientific studies about cannabis oil


  1. 100 scientific studies that prove cannabis cures cancer
  2. cannabis cannabinoids and cancer the evidence so far


Conclusion: I personnally am convinced about the positive effects of using cannabis oil. Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I take three drops of my oil containing only CBD ( no THC) every single night.

But even if it works perfectly for me that doesn't mean it will work for you. Whether you use a CBD oil in combination with THC or not, the results are unpredictable as researchs into cannabinoids and cancer are still controversial.


In case you are interested in taking cannabis oil, please head to Rick Simpson’s homepage or Youtube channel where you can find the right instructions about how to prepare the oil. Please take note that Rick Simpson uses the word « hemp oil » . Cannabis oil without CBD can also be found on internet. My personal cannabis oil source is: ( CBD active)


Little note: I think that CBD oil is one of the best and fastest natural pain killers (stronger than Morphium)



more information about cbd oil >


10) OPC, Grapes Seed Extract

As listed above, there are many natural ingredients that are amazing supporters for the destruction of cancer cells. Another supplement that may work wonders and especially for colorectal cancer is OPC, the extract of grape seeds.


In fact, an impressive study shows that a tannin-free grape seed extract and more precisely the seed VX1TM can not only inhibit the growth of tumor, trigger apoptosis (the programmed cell death) but seem also be able to kill the stem cell which is the root of any growing malignant tumor.


An article of the Journal Cancer Letters published in 2012, wrote that grape seeds are effective against colorectal cancer and have a high healing potential even in case of higher stages of cancer (stage III and IV). Researchers of the University of Colorado Skaggs School of pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences discovered that the bioactive compounds found in grape seeds show the ability to not only target certain types of cancer cells but also making them more sensitive to conventional therapies (as chemotherapy).


Similar results have been found for breast cancer cells. In fact, studies discovered that the the grape extract “polyphenol” has the ability to stop the growth as well as its proliferation and spreading.  To quote a study published in the Journal Cancer Research: “We believe that the results are exciting in that they show grape seed extract to be potentially useful in the prevention and treatment of hormone dependent breast cancer through the inhibition of aromatase activity as well as its expression” In other words, grape seeds extract are able to inhibit the enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of androgen into estrogen, called aromatase. And when it comes to hormonal breast cancer, cells often spread due to the presence of estrogen.


OPCs may also play an important role in cases of prostate cancer. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center and to an article published in the Journal Prostate OPCs helped stop spreading cancer cells as well are able to trigger apoptosis,


Other health benefits of grapes seeds extract:


  • Flavenoids, linoleic etc, which are compounds found in grape seeds help prevent high blood pressure
  • Effective against chronic venous insufficiency
  • Improve bone strength
  • Inhibit water retention especially in the legs ( “Edema”)
  • Treating diabetes.


Conclusion: I personally have never taken OPC. But studies showed that in case of curing cancer the daily intake should be between 150mg-300mg a day.



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11)  Amygdalin: Vitamin B17

Amygdalin, the highest concentration of enzymes in apricot seeds, have been discovered  by Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952.


Let me shortly summarize how Amygdalin works?


In fact, Amygdalin contains 4 substances: glucose (twice), benaldyhide and cyanide.

The two last ones are toxic when they are not bound within other molecular formations.

Cancer cells  and in contrary to healthy cells have an enzyme which is called glucosidase, which can be seen as an “unlocking enzyme” and which is responsible why conventional treatments sometimes doesn’t respond to cancer cells. Researchs found that exactly this enzyme,the glucosidase can be destroyed by Amygdalin.


The problem is that Amygdalin is a nitriolosodes which is very difficult to categorize since it is directly derived from a food substance can’t be defined as food themselves. As Amygdalin provides from a natural substance and has not been chemically developed explains why it can’t be patterned. Furthermore the use of laetrile has been forbidden by the FDA since 1971.This explains why the only source to get Amygdalin is by eating apricot kernels from inside the pits.


You can find many success stories from people using just laetrile or apricot kernels.


Conclusion: The usual recommendation is to start slowly with 1-3 kernels a day and then increase to 5-7 over the course of a day. I read about other patients who consumed up to 20 a day. I personally took natural supplements but I can’t judge if they are more or less effective than the natural ones.



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12) Vitamines A-Z, Selenium and Zinc

As I am convinced that one of the main reasons for a growth of a tumor is a lack of important vitamins and a weakened immune system, I take, besides the supplements listed above and a healthy and rich diet, a vitamin A-Z complex as well as Selenium and Zinc daily.


In general, Zinc is a mineral required by the body helping to assist him in numerous of cell activitird, enzymatic functions and most importantly to support the immune function.


Several studies found that zinc is highly significant in the prevention of cancer , in inhibiting angiogenesis in tumor cells and helping to trigger apoptosis in abnormal cells.


Researchers from Ohio State University had shown that zinc-deficiency could lead to excessive inflammation.


Same results have been achieved for selenium. Beside of being one of the most potent sources for reducing inflammation, it has also be shown very effective in cancer treatment. Selenium has the ability to bind protective antioxidants like glutathione to areas of DNA. While reducing the damage of cellular DNA, it reduces the risk and proliferation of cancer cells.


Furthermore, numerous of researches have shown that selenium due to its natural antioxidant pathways, helps to trigger the death of cancer cells and have been shown to be extremely effective for the reduction of metastases in skin cancers.


Conclusion: I personally take



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